A busy commercial kitchen requires a lot of multitasking. Much of that can be attributed to setting and resetting alarms in every corner of the kitchen. Timers must be set to monitor: cooking, ingredient freshness, warming and cooling, and even cleaning and sanitizing. A timer is an essential part of this environment, and valuable time can be wasted going back and forth to set and reset it for different tasks.


Optimizing Workflow with Limited Interruptions


Stepping away between tasks in the kitchen to start, stop, or reset a timer can interrupt workflow rather than assist in productivity. The ideal timer for a functioning commercial kitchen should have localized timers customized to each task, so there is minimal time lost when moving from one element to the next. These timers should also be loud enough so that all kitchen professionals can hear them and react appropriately.


Timers can be used to time cooking, cooling, and prepping as well as cleaning and sanitizing. But do we need a separate timer for each of these tasks? The ideal timer would compile all of the kitchen duties into one easy-to-use, time-saving platform. A platform that will generate reports on items that have been discarded so that staff can limit waste.


Customizing the Right Timer for the Moment


In the foodservice industry, punctuality is not only a desirable outcome, but it is also a necessity. Keeping time is vital in all things from managing ingredients, and perfecting cook times to delivering that perfect dish straight from the oven. Each job, no matter how big or small, that is completed within a successful kitchen space, requires its own timer. 


Every member of a kitchen is vital to its overall success, whether they are cooking, cleaning, or delivering food to customers. Because of this, all timers should be visible to all workers in order to monitor progress and prioritize duties. The ideal timer not only allows this but additionally allows for multiple timers to be set at once. The perfect timer would include visual elements that allow for quick checks and is loud enough to be heard by all kitchen workers. This timer is customizable and easy to use. Does this ideal kitchen timer exist?


During this time of crisis associated with the coronavirus, the limited kitchen staff has more to do (and remember) than ever before. Staff is being tasked with cleaning & sanitizing every few minutes to prevent the spread of germs that can contribute to the viral outbreak. Staff is also busier managing different types of food orders than they are typically used to. For example – commercial kitchens that are still up and running are handling phone calls and online orders for take-out & delivery, as well as taking drive-through orders, along with still prepping and cooking the food. Given this new normal, time tracking can certainly fall by the wayside. However, it is more vital now than ever.


Enter BOHA! Timer – Automated Timers for your Restaurant


BOHA! Timer is the ideal timer for you as it optimizes workflow while enabling you to monitor all ongoing activities within your busy kitchen. With the touch of a screen, anyone on the kitchen team can customize a timer to the exact time, task, and item needing attention. The BOHA! Timer includes all the features you require and will save you time and money as it monitors cooking, warming and cooling, cleaning and sanitizing, and any other times you may need to keep track of while running your kitchen effectively. In addition to timing daily tasks, the BOHA! Timer can also set alarms for when items in the refrigerator or pantry will expire so you are less likely to waste ingredients. 


Because the BOHA! Timer is so easy to use and requires little to no training, you and your team can implement its functions immediately and begin to reap the benefits. The ideal timer does exist, and it is the BOHA! Timer.