Changing the Cash Drawer Harness

First you must remove the Interface Card. To remove the Interface Card, follow the instructions below:

1.  Unplug the printer.

2.  Turn over the printer.  Take care not to allow the cover to open or the paper to fall.

3.  Disconnect the current communications and cash drawer cables.

4.  Remove the interface retaining screws.

5.  Slide the interface card towards the back of the printer and remove it.

After you remove the Interface Card, the cash drawer connector may be connected to one of three internal connectors on the main circuit board  (Ithaca, Epson, or Star).  To do this, follow the instructions below:

1.  Slide the cash drawer socket out of the slot in the frame and unplug the cash drawer connector from the main circuit board.


2.  Plug the cash drawer connector into one of the three internal connectors on the main circuit board for the desired interface (Ithaca, Epson, or Star), and reinstall the cash drawer socket into the frame.

Ithaca CD

Epson CD



To put the interface card back into the printer, follow the instructions below:

1.   Slide the interface card into the printer and install the retaining screws. Make sure the interface card sits flush with the printer. The retaining screws should also line up with the mounting holes.

2.  Connect the communications interface card and any cash drawer cables.

3.  Turn over the printer, and reconnect the power.