The purpose-built, cloud based platform that sets a new standard for Food Expiration Date Labeling and Grab & Go Labeling while offering many other back-of-house solutions.

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Introducing AccuDate XL with Jolt, the most complete food expiration date labeling and Grab & Go labeling system available. It combines the AccuDate XL, the purpose-built touch screen terminal with two integrated thermal printers, with Jolt’s cloud-based operations platform. Jolt’s administration tool allows restaurant and food service operators to centrally manage menu items and label design at a corporate, regional or even local level, enabling the combined solution’s use in operations of all sizes.

This rugged and splash resistant terminal features:

  • Large 9.7” TFT LCD display
  • Two internal high-speed thermal printers
  • High quality speakers and headphone output
  • Built in Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Two high speed USB ports for the integration of back-of-house peripherals

Customers buying the AccuDate XL get free access to food expiration date labeling and Grab & Go labeling, along with account management and an analytics portal, all provided by Jolt’s software. Before the end of 2017, users will gain the ability to view content on the terminal, including training videos, recipe cards, equipment manuals, and more. All of this content will be managed over the web platform. Further, for a monthly charge of $49.99, AccuDate XL users can upgrade to the full Jolt productivity suite, which adds the following capabilities: 

  • Tasks & Checklists: 18 item types with unlimited scheduling configurations, combined with verification capabilities and remote alerts)
  • Temperature Recording: Cooper-Atkins Blue2 temperature probe integration
  • Forms & Inspections: For documentation and operations accountability
  • Employee Scheduling: Including labor cost analysis, email and text notifications, and free employee phone app
  • Message Blast: Send bulk emails or text messages to employees
  • Time & Attendance: Time clock with photo capabilities to eliminate buddy punches
  • Employee Announcements: Includes message receipt and offers quizzes to validate employee understanding
  • Logbook & Journal: Operational issues are logged and flagged as necessary
  • Temperature Monitoring: New in 2017; 24/7 automated temperature monitoring with remote alerts