Back-of-house solutions that drive operational efficiency

The newest addition to the AccuDate line of back-of-house solutions combines the purpose-built, Android-based AccuDate XL terminal with Jolt’s widely used back-of-house operations management software.  This results in an easy to use system that will revolutionize the way you create your food rotation labels and Grab & Go labels. Jolt’s cloud-based administration tool enables you to centrally manage menu items and label designs at a corporate, regional or even local level, making the system ideal for food service operations with tens, hundreds or thousands of locations. And the TransAct AccuDate touch-screen terminal, with its easy to use Android interface and internal thermal printers, makes onsite label printing a breeze.

You can also upgrade to the full Jolt platform and gain additional back-of-house solutions (Temperature Monitoring, Tasks & Checklists, Time & Attendance, Employee Scheduling, and more) that improve operational efficiency even further.

Integrated Solution for Jolt
The Integrated Solution for CrunchTime!
Food Rotation and Prep System
Food Rotation Label Terminal