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Color Means Business

The power of color in business

"From retail stores to restaurants, TransAct's high quality, inkjet color receipt printer enhances the brand and customer communications. Research proves that color actually improves your business, from boosting the effectiveness of promotions to polishing the halo over your brand and even generating new revenue."
Bart Shuldman, Chairman, President and CEO, TransAct Technologies, Inc.

Adding color to your receipts dramatically increases awareness, redemption and overall business while enhancing your brand. See for yourself:

Download and read the Research Paper "The Power of Color."

Build Your Brand

Adding color to brand your receipts may be the most powerful way to use POS printer technology as a communications vehicle. Displaying your logo and a message in color goes a long way toward aligning the store experience with the brand experience.

Increase Awareness

Researchers discovered that when consumers were given a color receipt (including logo, coupons, messages) compared to similar messaging on a black-and-white receipt, more than 80% of consumers noticed the color receipt message. Proof positive of the powerful pull of color.

Increase Redemption

Awareness is key for success, but you also need customers to act on your color promotion to increase sales. More than twice as many people said they would redeem the coupon when it was in color as opposed to black-and-white. No matter the market or industry sector, color receipts were considered more likely to be redeemed.

Increase Business

Customer loyalty increases when you add color to receipts. Not only does it increase total return visits by an average of 62%, adding color increases the frequency of visits between one and two times a month, depending on store type. Multiply the 62% average monthly increase in visits by average monthly revenue, and see that color is a simple way to generate more income.