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Printrex 800 Series Thermal Printer/Plotter

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The Printrex 800 series are the ideal thermal plotters for well logging, seismic, side scan sonar and mapping. Hand built to order in the United States; these printers embody a sleek design with rugged reliability that can withstand the harshest land, sea and air environments.

The 800 series consists of four high resolution, grey scale plotters with user defined configurability. These printers are unmatched in the industry and offer high throughput, efficient handling with field proven architecture and superior quality.

• 8 inch print widths
• 2 inches per second and 4 inches per second plot speed
• 200 dots per inch and 300 dots per inch print density
• Desktop, Rack-Mount and Panel-Mount Models
• USB and Ethernet connectivity capabilities
• Top of Form (TOF) sensor

Rugged Reliability
Designed specifically to handle the environmental challenges of logging trucks and off-shore platforms while maintaining data integrity from file to output.

Gray Scale Printing
All models in this product family can print 32 levels of gray. This is indicated by the “G’ in the suffix to the model number.

Ease of Use and Efficiency
With an average weight of 20 lbs, the 800 series printers are lightweight, compact printers with convenient access to internal parts. The simplicity of design and interface allows for little user intervention and keeps printer in full production.

Media Specifications
As a thermal printer, the only consumable necessary is paper. Paper and film are both compatible.

Printer Selection Guide

Model Plot Speed Dot Density Line Length Spec Sheet
  Inches/Sec mm/Sec Dots/Inch Dots/mm Inches mm Dots/Line Download
822 G 2 50 203 8 8.5 216 1,728 822 G Spec Sheet
822 DL/G 2 50 203 8 8.5 216 1,728 822 DL/G Spec Sheet
843 DL/G 4 100 300 11.81 8.5 216 2,560 843 DL/G Spec Sheet


Physical Characteristics

  Dimensions H x W x D Shipping Weight
  Inches Centimeters Pounds Kilograms
8-inch width printers        
- Panel Mount 4.1 x 11.9 x 4.97 10.4 x 30.2 x 12.6 7 3.2
- Desk Top 4.87 x 12.3 x 12.0 12.4 x 31.2 x 30.5 21 9.5
- Rack Mount 5.25 x 19 x 16 12 13.3 x 48.3 x 41 22 10