Well Log Printing: Inkjet versus Laser/LED

Your well log printer is what connects you to what’s happening in your oil well.  It provides crucial information and insight that helps you make important decisions. Demand for color well log printing has led the development of the Printrex 980, a fixed head, quick dry color inkjet printer specifically designed for printing well logs and recognized as the leading technology for this application.

Printrex980Why Use Color?
Measuring While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) technologies have made significant advances over the last decade and are providing much more insight for operators. But it is getting harder to accurately distinguish between data points when printed with black and white printers. Printing in color can help identify these key data points to assist well operators.

The Printrex 980 is the first color well logging printer to use quick-dry inkjet technology. In contrast to the Laser and LED printers that were available before the launch of the Printrex 980, the Printrex 980 makes color well log printing much more cost effective and reliable.

Laser/LED Technology
When considering the differences between inkjet printers and laser or LED printers, inkjet technology has many clear advantages.  Inkjet cartridges are less expensive than the powder toners used in laser and LED printers, and because the inkjet cartridges are liquid you get one hundred percent usage with nothing left behind.

In addition, technology limitations of laser and LED printers can often become a major aggravation for end users. Laser and LED printers can easily jam because they are built from office style printers retrofitted for continuous form printing. Further, interruptions in printing are another common aggravation with laser and LED printers.  These occur when the drums responsible for heating up the powder toner that melts on the paper in order to make an impression become overheated.  The drums need to cool down periodically to prevent malfunction, but because they are continually printing they never get a chance to do so. These interruptions can greatly impact operations, resulting in wasted time and lost revenue.

Printrex 980

The Printrex 980 is specifically designed to print well logs. In fact, before it become available to the entire market, this printer was used exclusively by the largest Oil & Gas service company. The key benefit of inkjet technology is that it doesn’t require drums, fusers, or belts. There is no heat up or cool down time so the printer can deliver high volume, continuous printing, without interruption.

Why Now?
Compared to laser and LED printers, the Printrex 980 is the most reliable and cost efficient well log printer in the industry.  Upgrading to our innovative and proven technology will save time and reduce cost, which couldn’t have come at a better time as becoming more efficient and reducing operational costs are what matters most in 2015.

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