TransAct’s Printrex 980 Made a Splash this Summer

jess at spwla  The Printrex team was spread over the West and Gulf Coasts this July and was in attendances at SPWLA in Long Beach, California and URTeC in San Antonio, Texas. These events brought together petrophysicists, geoscientists and energy professionals from around the world to share experiences and discuss the latest technologies.

As you can imagine, there was a lot to talk about among the hundreds of exhibitors and attendees. Technical programs and discussions varied at each show from formation evaluation of conventional reservoirs and new technologies to extracting values from multi scale imaging. While they covered different topics, SPWLA and URTeC both showcased a technology that was unsurpassed and highly praised; the Printrex 980.

The Printrex 980 made splash at this summer’s tradeshows and became one of the most talked about pieces of technology. Designed from the ground up for the Oil & Gas industry, attendees and exhibitors got to see firsthand how impressive it really is. Experts and peers witnessed how the Printrex 980, with its quick dry inkjet technology, is able to print a high volume of continuous well logs at high speed without jamming or overheating. Everyone was impressed with how the printer employs unmatched quality and reliability while having the lowest total cost of ownership.

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