According to a recent report from PDI and NACS on how COVID-19 affects consumer behavior, spending at convenience stores is continuing to grow. On a dollar basis, almost every category, including foodservice, saw an increase in YoY dollars.

Is your c-store equipped to handle this continued demand? Here are three ways BOHA! can help you thrive:

  1. Implement an automated labeling solution – Grab ‘N Go merchandising is key–the easier it is to notice and read your fresh-food labels, the stronger your in-store sales. You also need to abide by FDA guidelines for a variety of items – whether it’s a salad bowl or a parfait. With our BOHA! Work Station, you can easily print 1” – 3” wide dual-column nutritional or round labels. Our BOHA! solution automates your labeling to save time, reduce errors, and connects to inventory for smarter c-store food management.
  2. Reduce food waste – Stop throwing away roller hot dogs, sandwiches, and salads at the end of the day. BOHA! connects your inventory to sales data to generate a suggested prep list, so you’ll always know exactly how much food to prep each day.
  3. Keep operations productive with digital checklists – Handwriting to-do lists can lead to mistakes and oversights. With 24-hour operations, you have to keep up with constant tasks and procedures. The BOHA! Checklists app digitizes tasks and automatically alerts employees with must-do reminders to boost productivity. From cleaning coffee machines to sanitizing surfaces, always stay on-task. This is just a taste of what BOHA! can do for you. Want to learn more?

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