Some Like it Hot…

… their chili that is. An American comfort staple and the choice for many a competition, chili is an all-time favorite of food lovers. And what’s not to love? Variations include vegetarian, poultry, seafood or meat-based, with or without beans, mild, medium or atomic heat levels, etc. With all the options available, there’s sure to […]
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Well Logging 101 – Part Two

Types of Well Logs As the technology of well logging has improved over the decades, myriad types of well logs have emerged. From Gamma Ray (GR) Logs that measure radioactivity of the rocks to determine the amount of shale in a formation to Sonic (or Borehole Compensated) Logs that measure porosity by measuring how fast […]
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Know Your Ropes: What Xerox Can Teach Casino Marketers

Prior to joining TransAct Technologies, I spent 22 years at Xerox Corporation in a variety of technical, sales, and marketing roles. At the time of my departure, I was Worldwide Marketing Manager for Production Color Marketing. Talk about a dramatic shift in happy-hour conversation topics. I went from chatting about the impact of color printing […]
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Well Logging 101 – Part One

Well logging chronicles the depths, subsurface formations and events encountered while drilling. Well logs can include visual observations or be made by instruments lowered into the well during drilling. Tradition holds that the term “well logs” is borrowed from ship nomenclature. Similar to a ship’s log that tracks the events aboard the vessel, a well […]
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