Going With the Flow

The oil and gas industry is broken down into five distinct sections: • Upstream companies • Midstream companies • Downstream companies • Oil field services • Integrated majors All segments work together in the operation of discovering oil and gas and creating useful materials such as automobile gasoline and jet fuel. Understanding the finer points […]
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What’s in a Label?

With new knowledge about nutrition and more evidence that people actually consult the labels of food packages, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally giving the 20 year old nutrition labels an update. “The agency is working toward publishing proposed rules to update the nutrition facts label and serving size information to improve consumer […]
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A Million Is A Million

One of my roles in TransAct Technologies Inc. is to spend time with customers learning about their businesses or reviewing how our printers are doing to help their business. Just recently I had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in the oil and gas market down in Houston. My goal of the […]
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Another Reason to Love Fried Green Tomatoes

The food that is, not the movie. A recent study has found that green tomatoes are more resistant to Salmonella infection than red, ripe ones. With fresh produce increasingly linked to gastroenteritis outbreaks, researchers at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences wanted to learn more about what physiological, ecological, and environmental […]
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The Casino of the Future

What’s in an age?  If it’s the age of a casino customer, then there’s a wealth of information to be had.  A recent study by the American Gaming Association illustrates some key differences in habits and behaviors between young adult (ages 21 – 35) casino visitors and the overall population of casino visitors.  Those differences […]
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Release The Bakken!

The Bakken Formation is one of the largest contiguous deposits of oil and natural gas in the United States. It is an interbedded sequence of black shale, siltstone and sandstone that underlies large areas of northwestern North Dakota, northeastern Montana, southern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba. The formation consists of a lower shale member, a middle […]
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