How to Prepare for FDA Regulations

The deadline to comply with the new FDA labeling regulations is quickly approaching. If you’re preprinting or manually labeling your Grab & Go items, these changes will have a significant impact on your operations.
Here’s how:

New Label Layout
While the “iconic” look of the nutrition panel remains, the information and formatting does not. With the refreshed design, you will be required to change the type size for selected fields and include additional nutrient information and may have to go through multiple revisions with your 3rd party label provider to get all your information laid out correctly.
Nutritional Panel copy







Preprinted Label Waste
All that money spent purchasing a long list of specific label SKUs will go in the trash along with your outdated labels. Now that you have an updated label layout, you need to create a new list of SKU numbers to reorder.
Wasted Material





Information Distribution
Between creating a new label layout, updating your menu information, coordinating with purchasing and distributing the updates to all your locations the distribution of information can get confusing and overwhelming.

Confused Man copy






You might be thinking, “There has to be an easier way to comply with these new rules?” – and you’re right.
There is!

The AccuDate XL Food Safety terminal makes it easy to change label layouts and formats with our flexible label designer, eliminates the need for preprinted labels by printing labels on demand and allows you to distribute information to all your AccuDate terminals in the field instantly.












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