Epic Edge™ – The All New Casino Printer Engineered to Give You the Edge

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The new Epic Edge™ ticket printer is packed with technology to simplify your operations and improve slot floor performance, while retaining key design features from the ever-reliable Epic 950™.

  • Higher Print Quality: Epic Edge introduces a new print resolution standard for the market – 300 dpi – that represents a 50% improvement over all current casino ticket printers. 300 DPI enables the Epic Edge to deliver razor sharp barcodes, greatly improving bill validator acceptance and reducing attendant calls while allowing for clearer text and more attractive coupon artwork, thus helping to enhance Epicentral implementations in casinos deploying the Epic Edge.

  • Adjustable Ticket Bucket: Epic Edge features an adjustable ticket bucket that allows casino operators to use smaller, paper-saving tickets in their operations, reducing paper usage and saving money in concert with the ecologic and environmental programs being implemented at casinos today. The Epic Edge will also handle the standard tickets used in today’s casino.

  • A Single Outer Chassis with Serial, USB and Netplex Ports: Enables the Epic Edge to work with any slot machine type. One printer for any machine means more convenience for OEMs and operators.

  • Easy to Update: Two high-speed interfaces – USB and Micro SD Card - simplify firmware updates and graphics downloads.

  • Faster ServerPort Connection: The ServerPort enables you to run value added applications such as TransAct’s Epicentral coupon bonusing system, as well as casino management systems integrated with the new Epicentral SE, and eTITO systems.

  • Color Coded Chassis Rails: Epic Edge™ printers will support new and legacy games and co-exist seamlessly with Epic 950™ printers on the slot floor. While the printers are the same size, different color rails in the outer chassis and other design differences ensure the printers are always correctly installed.