AccuDate™ PRO The Complete Food Prep Assistant

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If you handwrite your food rotational or nutrition/grab n’ go labels, you are wasting significant time and money that can be better spent on more important restaurant or kitchen activities; and time is money, no matter how you slice it.

The AccuDate Food Label terminals automate the food labeling process, decrease food waste by printing perfectly legible labels with calculated accuracy, improve customer satisfaction by helping to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are served first, and improve your bottom line by speeding up a highly labor-intensive process. Some customers report saving up to 2.5 hours every day, in each location!

The AccuDate™ PRO goes even further. With its large, high-resolution screen, built-in audio/video capability, and Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, the AccuDate™ PRO enables you to distribute and manage menu updates from a central location, link menu items to high quality images of prep and plating instructions, and also be your in-kitchen platform for training videos.

The AccuDate™ PRO goes way beyond labeling. How far beyond? That’s up to you!
  • Large, easy to read 9.7” display with 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Real Time clock to generate reliable prep and discard by date and time
  • Internal power supply for improved reliability and less clutter
  • Heavy duty print mechanism for unmatched reliability
  •  Quick and easy “drop in” label loading, perfect for the busiest of kitchens
  • Labels are available in many different sizes and styles, layouts and even adhesives. Dissolvable, Repositionable and Permanent. Layouts can even be customized for special use-by needs!
  • Direct thermal printing uses no ink; saving money
  • Multiple inputs including: dual USB 2.0 ports, optional SD card, Ethernet for remote auto FTP/STFP menu updates
  • Spill and splash resistant so the terminal can be placed anywhere - worry free
  • Comes preloaded with your menu and shelf life information; just plug in and start printing